Been a While


Hello Everyone,

I’ve been gone for a while, but that is easily explained. I don’t know how to write or about what I should write. 

There. Simple. 

Also, I just got back from vacation with my wife. I had a number of thoughts, but they all are disjunct and out of context. However, I hope to base stories off them soon. 

Initially, I was hoping that this blog would help me to become a better writer of articles. However, I don’t really know what I’m doing there. Articles, personal essays, non-fiction tends to lead me to long windedness and the tendency to linger on points about which no one cares! 

It is really a curse.

Most of my writing, though, has been fiction. And, what’s more, I love it! Writing stories is fun for me, and the way I get to play with language makes me laugh. It makes me laugh an embarrassing amount. Like, giggling for days. 

So, why I’m telling you this…

First, I’m sorry but I wont really have an ending for the werebaby story. I know, I know. You’re feeling pretty betrayed, but I just can’t think of a good way to go from where I ended it. 

Second, have you been liking what I’ve been writing? Should I continue?

Feedback is so important. Writing is something that I have no training in, but would like to use somewhere down the line in a career. 

In short, I demand feedback, and I demand that it be ample and quick. 


Sheridan A. Smith

Shockingly Inconsistent