Well, I guess that this blog has been sorely neglected. However, due to a goading on by Ira Glass, I’ll be writing quite a bit more.

He didn’t actually specifically urge me, but he did urge someone, and then another person made a video of it. 

Check it out. It is a kick in the ass, but a well needed one.

In that spirit, I’m going to be more, um, productive on this blog. Hopefully something will be posted every two weeks. Some sort of story, however good or, as is more likely, bad, will be posted. 

So, please, as I often urge, continue to comment and critique what I write so that I may become something nearing the passing resemblance of what might be closely adjacent to good. 

It would help enormously.

Thank you,

Sheridan A. Smith

“Something Resembling Close to Adjacent”


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