Hello Everyone,

You may be able to see, in my description, what this blog is all about, but I figured that I would explain further.

Hi, my name is Sheridan, however, if you’re visiting my blog, you probably know that already. My life has been terribly haphazard and, up until now, that has been somewhat fine. Everything that crosses my path has resulted in a passionate urge to understand it and immerse myself in it. But, regarding a viable life, this isn’t something that can really lead me to having a stable career that would allow me to be passionate about what I do and able to support a wonderful, understanding, terribly pretty, patient…etc., wife.

In light of this, it seems prudent to try and develop a skill…right? Something that would lead to a job? Where I could not complain about work every day?


So, here I sit, listening to Sigur Ros, writing away. Eventually I hope to be able to write coherent essays on the state of the world and politics; this being my goal as a writer. For now, however, I will attempt to write creatively and tell a story with point and to interest an audience not made up entirely of dry scholars who are interested in every detail. My usual crowd, and what I usually like to read.

Please, read my blog as much as you can, and feel free to critique, as critically as you can, but make sure you tell me why you like or, more likely, vomit upon reading something.

Thank you so much for keeping with me this long, at least. All of you are precious to me, and I know that if anything ever happens in my dreadful career, it will be because of you.

So be proud if you ever read my filth in any major publication!


Sheridan A. Smith

Supplicant to the Masses


3 thoughts on “Beginning

  1. Pertaining to your photo at the top – the stairs overgrown with moss,etc. This may be an intentional metaphor, I don’t know. But the first thing would be to clear the path of garbage, so you may accend without fear of falling.

    • Complete unintentional metaphor. It does kind of show my reluctance to step forward and move up. Kind of an accidental inspired moment.

      In reality, I figured it was the only picture in my scant pack that would look halfway good in this “widescreen” format.

      Accidentally profound is good enough for me, though.

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